Highlands O’er The Sea







Inverness, Scotland; castle in ruins

photo c/o Google Images


High above the shimmering waters of Moray Firth the Scottish Highlands of Inverness sprawl cantilever with spires of castles old and in ruin. Once home to a Scottish maven son, a stately mansion sits high upon the hill, its sights upon the distant North Sea where tales from the Scottish Gaelic lore rest in the mystic dark waters to depths far below.


Blue water’s shimmer in brilliance

Nary a shadow cast high noon

Castles of old upon highlands

Pinnacle stanchions crumbling

To soft meadow grass in remnant

Spalling chips of mortar and stone

Haunting notes bagpiper’s lament

In the mourn of passing’s linger


By the Firth white water lilies

Dance nigh a tangle of hogweed

Bristly Haircap waffle leeward

Dainty bluebell and primrose lean

As northerly gusts feather light

Drift o’er dune pasture machair

A meander to Inbhir Nis

Luring mouth of the River Ness


Beyond castle’s stately nestle

My gaze past moorlands to Loch Ness

The lore of the monster steadfast

Lo a sighting evades witness

I close mine eyes to mystery

Fragrant scents of ling and fescue

Promise of meadow melody

In the chant of highland’s waiting


© Don MacIver 2012; All Rights Reserved

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